Academy Digital Marketing Institute

Academy Digital Marketing Institute | Professional Certification Course

COURSE DESCRIPTION:This course is our foundational offering, which presents a solid understanding of the most successful elements to a digital marketing strategy, including, the ‘What’, ‘Where’, ‘Who’, ‘When’, ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of a winning campaign and the departments within them.

This course is ideal for those with limited experience in digital marketing, or for smaller companies without a dedicated marketing team. During this course, trainees will become more confident and equipped in understanding the value of digital marketing, and will be able to immediately implement learned concepts in social media, digital ads, public relations and content marketing.

In this course, trainees will learn:

Why every company should have a digital marketing strategy

How to identify the pain points in their own company’s strategy

Why it matters to have a target audience (Ideal Buyer), and how to identify them

How to identify the most effective ways to reach this target audience

How to set SMART Marketing goals, and quantify results to measure success


Our complete Digital Marketing Training program consists of four modules:
Module 1: Social Media
Module 2: Digital Ads
Module 3: Public Relations
Module 4: Content Marketing

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